Buy like you give a damn


African padouk and European oak, wood scraps were waiting for their final destination, the stove! “Can’t we do something more noble with it?”, I asked the man who was anchoring padouk against the wall of a house. Shoulders went up and down and a few minutes later I found myself rescuing this beautiful red hardwood. On the last day of my woodworking course, looking at this pile of boards, I knew I had to come up with a one-day wood project that could give me a summerlong satisfying result. Even a week not being able to go to my woodworking class, I start grumbling. Checking out the wood pile of what other students had thrown away, I found these amazing oak slates and at the end of the day a few fellow woodworking students had positively evaluated my work. A couple of weeks later, I asked someone if he thought this coaster would be a good gift for a mutual friend. “I don’t know”, he said, “but I would definitely like this in my new kitchen”. And then someone else liked it and another person…

I came up with this idea of making them to finance the planting of a new batch of trees, and now it’s up to you. Are you inspired by the idea and you like my work, please feel free to contact me to see when your coaster can be ready. Would you like to know more about the planting of the trees, just ask.


Materials: full timber padouk and oak.


Heat resistant.


Dimensions: 21 by 18 cm.


Finish: linseed oil

Someone said to me: “I find it quite bold to ask money for something you made from waste”. I replied that I did not see it that way and tried to make her see that we do not use the raw materials of our planet respectful enough. If someone can make something beautiful with waste, it should not be waste.


I have the text “She works wood for trees” engraved on one side, so each time you are having a meal and using the coaster, remember that I have been working today to have some trees planted. So, enjoy your meal, enjoy your life, enjoy nature. Thanks for letting me take care of a small piece of earth and enjoy my life.